Sitecore SXA 10.2 Improvements: CSS and JS Source Maps

Anton Tishchenko
Anton Tishchenko
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Remember my article about enabling of Source Map for Sitecore SXA?

November 2021 Sitecore SXA 10.2 was released. But if you check the list of new features/improvements in release notes, you will not find one important improvement for developers: Now enabling CSS Source Maps becomes much easier!

Steps that you need:

  1. Open gulp\config.js file
  2. Set sassSourceMap value to true
  3. Set js>JsSourceMap value to true
  4. Set css>cssSourceMap value to true
  5. Restart gulp

If you will look inside SXA Source Maps implementation, you will see that implementation is very similar to what I did for earlier Sitecore versions. Probably SXA Developers Team was inspired by my previous post.

Enjoy your work on the SXA theme with enabled source maps! And remember, if you need to get the source maps for Sitecore SXA earlier 10.2 version, you can use this article.