Sitecore Hackathon 2021

Cover Image for Sitecore Hackathon 2021

5 of March 2021 Sitecore Hackathon was held. 95 teams from all parts of the world gathered for 24 hours to to build and submit a Sitecore module best implementing the idea for the Hackathon. This year ideas were next:

  • The best enhancement to the Sitecore Admin (XP) for Content Editors & Marketers
  • The best enhancement to SXA
  • Best use of SPE to help Content authors and Marketers
  • Best use of Headless using JSS or .NET

2 teams from EXDST participated in this competition: Ererenderingdering and OMeGa.

Ererenderingdering team created a module for bulk editing of Sitecore items. It allows content editors to quickly edit a bunch of items without the necessity to open each item separately.

OMeGa team created a module for visualization of item presentation. The fancy looking graph allows to figure out with presentation details of item: what components are present on page in what placeholders

We cross the fingers and waiting for hackathon winners announce in the April.