Sitecore Statistics: December 2023

Anton Tishchenko
Anton Tishchenko
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We have updated our unofficial Sitecore statistics page. Now it contains Sitecore version based on SXA npm packages. It might be quite innaccureate as major part of Sitecore clients still use But it is still interesting to see the trend. trends

If you want actual data, please open the page itself. Here will be the data on December 1st, 2023. You can compare it with the previous version.

Sitecore JSS SDK Framework Distribution

No big chages here. Next.js(React) still dominates the market.


Sitecore JSS SDK Frameworks Packages Statistics

Trends remain the same. Clean react is replacing with Next.js+React. With quite stable Vue and Angular, but tending to decrease. Angular 17 introduced SSG support. It will require some level of effort, but now it much more easier to get static site generation with Angular. It might be a good reason to stay with Angular. We will see, how adoption will go. trends

Sitecore Version Distribution

As expected, Sitecore clients update their Sitecore version to newest Sitecore with a pace 1.5% per month. sitecore-versions